Two recent Tracks


By Norwich Culture Quest member. ‘Sharp Scratch. See Playlist pages for more.


and one from the Bury Group.






Norfolk and Norwich Festival

Members of the Norwich Culture Quest group went to two concerts this year which well represented the diversity of music played in the group. We were able to subsidise the tickets and 3 people went to see Deva Mahal at the Norwich Playhouse.  Everyone had a great time and enjoyed the performance and were able to meet Deva and the band after the gig. This song was one of the highlights of the set which included a lot of audience participation. Click on the Watch on You Tube below to see and hear.


The other concert was the Britten Sinfonia with Thomas Ades at The Theatre Royal. They played Beethoven’s 4th and 5th Symphonies and Gerald Barry’s Piano Concerto which is a very modern dissonant piece that was a lot of fun. Four people went from the group and one member described it as a wonderful experience, we were all entranced by the quality of the playing and the Orchestral sound.

Culture Quest 2018


We are pleased to say that thanks to funding from Norfolk County Council we will be able to run 40 sessions in 2018. We will be opening the group up to people supported by other support organisations such as Together, Mind, and St Martins Trust. Our first session of 2018 will be on 22nd January at Norwich Arts Centre. Enquiries to Dave Pullin Tel 07715710354.