New Norwich Playlists from August 2021

Most recent first.


‘We havn’t turned around around’ Gomez.

‘Razzle Dazzle’ Chicago Soundtrack.

‘1st Movement (Excerpt) Symphony in 3 movements’ Stravinsky. Otto Klemperer and the Philharmonia Orchestra.

‘Tesselate’ Alt J.

‘Catharsis’ Anthrax.

‘Mix from the skid row show’ Future Radio DJ Sye.

‘Babouri’ Shepherd Song from Syria played by Mahmood Ali Ibrahim. Music in the world of Islam. Topic Records.


‘Adrenaline’ Son of Noise.

‘Codex’ Radiohead.

‘Symphony in C’ (Opening 8 mins) Stravinsky. London Symphony Orchestra, Valery Gergiev.

‘My Boy’ Richard Harris.

‘Hard Time, Killing Floor Blues’ Chris Thomas King.

‘Korg Mash Up’ Matthew Gilbert.

‘There is no Logic’ Lone Lady.

‘As sure as there is space infinite’ ‘The Fifth Century’ Gavin Bryars.


‘Dub Moods’ DJ Aphrodite. (The Greatest Trick).

‘Become Desert’ (Excerpt) John Luther Adams.

‘The Second Trip'(Remix) Hennes and Cold.

‘My Baby Just Cares for Me’ George Michael.

‘The First time I ever saw your Face.’ George Michael.

‘The Numbers’ Radiohead Johnny and Thom & CR78.


‘Lean on Me’ The Moody Blues

‘Sye’s mix on the Skid Row show. (Excerpt)

‘Beethoven Symphony No. 1. 4th movement.’ Daniel Barenboim East West Divan Orchestra.

‘Albergo a Ore’ Ornella Vanoni.

‘Untitled’ Sharp Scratch.