We have started meeting together.

It was great to meet together yesterday, and see some faces we have not seen while we have not been meeting on line. We are now able to build up the numbers of the group now Culture Quest is back and we can meet to listen together.

Here is an interesting selection from yesterday

Culture Quest Zoom session

We have been resisting doing CQ sessions on line as a lot of the value of our sessions is created by people being together listening in the same space. However due to this interminable situation of Lockdown today we decided to to do it.

It was agreed by those involved that it was nothing like the face to face experience but it was worth doing as it was bringing people together and sharing music.

The tracks chosen were.

The Balenscu Quartet playing David Byrne.

Felix Mendelssohn Hebrides Overture conducted by Sir John Barbirolli

Uma Thurman By Fall Out Boy

Returning by Paul White

Group member SYE63’s mix from future Radio’s Skid Row Show. The mix starts about 20 mins into the programme and last about 23 mins.

The Listening Diary

Chasing an Ear Worm

As we are not able to meet in person as a group I am restarting the listening diary. I thought we would start of with a different format. As I have recently become a little obsessed with this piece of music, which has created an ‘ear worm for me’ (below) and thought it would be fun to post a few different versions as it has inspired many.

This is the orchestral version that has inspired many. The orchestration is of one of the piano pieces by Modest Mussorgsky in his collection entitled ‘Pictures at an Exhibition. The orchestration is by Ravel.

This version will be remembered by prog rock fans from my generation.

For Analogue Synth fans..

And the original version.