Nominated Tracks for Listening while we are not able to meet. A choice from the Norwich Group.

George has chosen this recording of Beethoven’s 3rd (Eroica) Symphony. Thank you George.

Culture Quest Group cancelled tomorrow 17/03/20 at the Hunter Club Bury, due to health advice Re. Coronavirus (COVID-19)

Tomorrows group 17/03/20 will be cancelled due to the announcement re Coronavirus this afternoon. We are taking this action as we have been told to reduce social contact. Those regular members who are on the text circle feel free to ring if you want more information.

We will keep you updated.

Don’t forget what a good thing listening to music can be at these difficult times. 



Stravinsky’s Rite of Spring was recently chosen by a Norwich group member an engaging listen. We only could play the first 8 mins here you can listen the the whole piece.



Norwich Culture Quest Receives Lottery Funding

Simons Logo_save21


We are really pleased to announce that we are in receipt of a grant from the Community Fund of the National Lottery.

When the members of the Norwich Group had to face the reality that funding from Norfolk County Council was coming to an end, they formed an Unincorporated Association, elected a committee and wrote a constitution. This enabled them to win a grant from the Big Lottery for another 40 sessions at Norwich Arts Centre.

In celebration of this Norwich member Simon designed a new logo for the group.

 The group has met regularly at Norwich Art Centre since January 2016. Members of the group all live with mental ill health, and  they find that sharing their interest and enjoyment of music helps them manage their mental health and reduce their isolation.

The group has appointed Dave Pullin, a musician who is also a mental health professional, to facilitate the sessions, and have designed a new logo. Culture Quest was originally set up and run by the Restoration Trust, a local charity that has supported the members to form their own independent association. 


Dave Pullin Mob 07715710354